example floatCustom Guitar & Bass Pickguards, Scratchplates and Covers.

Custom made pickguards, covers and plates, made to order to your specifications. From new designs for your custom guitar or bass, modifications to existing designs (pickup configurations and switching), or copying an existing pickguard in a different colour, it can be done! If you need back plates and truss rod covers made to match your new pickguard, please ask!

Also, if your exisiting pickguard is broken, I can usually create a new template from the pieces, and create a new pickguard from that.

There are a couple of methods used to create custom pickguards. The first is to make a template from the original guard. This does not damage the original one, and gives the most accurate results, and best fit. The original pickguard will be returned to you when you pick up the new one, or mailed back to you with the new one.

The second method is to create a template from a scanned image, tracing or line drawing. Most people only request this if they can't be without the original guard while the new one is being made, or are designing a new pickguard for a custom guitar. This is not the most accurate method, as there can be a margin for error in printer and scanner scaling, etc. This method also takes a lot longer, therefore costs more to do. Please note - because of the potential inaccuracy of this method, no refunds can be offered, and no returns can be accepted.

Please note - the prices listed below do not include postage if required.

For "Frequently Asked Questions" about Pickguards, click here, or if you would like a quote for a particular pickguard, cover or plate, please click here to contact The Hairy-Dude!

Prices and options:

Prices start at $65 per pickguard, plus the options listed below.

For any options not listed above, please click here to contact The Hairy-Dude!

BASIC colours:

No extra charge for the following colours:

SOLID colours:

PEARLOID colours:



To get a quote for a particular pickguard, cover or plate, or to place an order, please click here to contact The Hairy-Dude!

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